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Plant List

 2x Colchester 2000 cnc lathes Fanuc control
 2x Hurco cnc milling machines (BMC 30)-(KM5P)
 1x Bridgeport nc milling machine
 2x Bridgeport manual milling machines
 1x Condor manual (heavy duty milling machine)
 1x Kondia manual milling machine
 2x Adcock & Shipley 2S manual milling machines (1x vertical)(1 x horizontal)
 1 x 10" cut of band saw
 2 x swing saws
 5 x Fly presses (in press shop)
 1x Harrison M 400 manual lathe
 1x Harrison M 300 manual lathe
 3 x Colchester 2000 manual lathes
 1 x Asquith radial drill
 4 x pillar drills
 1x high speed drill (capable of drilling .010" holes)
 2x tapping machines
 1x small grit blasting machine
 Welding equipment
 Engraving equipment
 Large stock of material is stores for quick turn around of components
  Lenton Engineering (Watford) Limited
Terrace Gardens, St Albans Road, Watford WD17 1RB
office: 01923-250939 fax: 01923-250765 machine shop: 01923-248738 Lenton Engineer Email